Yes, Marvel will be exploring other eras of Star Wars

Yes, Marvel will be exploring other eras in their Star Wars comics. It’s not at all shocking (were people really doubting they’d spread out eventually?) but props to Coffee With Kenobi for getting a mention and link in The Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Eh, I think there was a little room to have some doubt… OT-era stuff clearly sells the most across the board because ‘muh nostalgia’ (it’s why We Love Fine never has anything SW-related that isn’t OT era, for one, haha ughhhhh) and people who are burned out on the OT era and/or don’t mind the PT/TCW era stuff (like me) are usually left in the cold. =T

    But I wouldn’t underestimate fans of TCW, though… if they do more comic adaptations of the unused scripts from the cancelled season ala what Dark Horse did with ‘Son of Dathomir’, I’d imagine they’d pull in some decent numbers. But I think we’ll probably get a satellite ‘Rebels’ comic series that may focus on new characters/other places taking place alongside the cartoon, first. Just a hunch.

    1. Yeah, and I also think it’s about time for a lot of PT fans to remember that, right now, that era is in the very place where post-ROTJ was back in the ’90s. It’s (for the most part) free and clear. More TCW-scripts-to-comics is a HUGE no-brainer, the audience is older and definitely hungry for something… It’s the wisest course, and I think we’ll see more as things settle.

      The paranoia is getting a bit old, honestly. Yeah, mainstream-blah-blah-blah, but it’s clear that Lucasfilm knows the deal here – and fiction is a much different audience than t-shirts.

      1. Marvel, I think is in a good position with the unused scripts, at the very least. They don’t necessarily have to have writers come up with stuff from scratch (especially since most of their major talent that’s worth noting are p. much all moving on to creator-owned things, save for one or two exceptions/holdouts) and with a few tweaks, they can just pump ’em out as a mini/maxi series. It’d be a shame to let the unused scripts go to waste, honestly, and comic form is perhaps the best -and most cost-effective way- to burn through ’em.

        And yeah, I actually do agree with you about the paranoia… I just get how business works, especially with fandom-y things. But Disney is fairly savvy to its fanbase(s), so who knows.

        1. Do they even necessarily have to get big name writers for that kind of thing? Granted, I’m not sure how much work/finesse converting a cartoon script to a comic script takes…

          Now that things are smoothing out and everything is getting back on track after the sudden turnaround that EpVII required the franchise to take, I’m thinking we’ll be seeing stuff soon. Particularly once Rebels is established…

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