Yes, Celebration Anaheim was exactly as crowded as we thought it was

Celebration Anaheim (crowd)

Jedi News pointed out a page on ReedPop’s site where they confirm the reports that some 60,000 fans attended Celebration Anaheim. That’s a definite record – two previous Celebrations (IV in 2007 and VI in 2012) topped out at a mere 35K.

7 Replies to “Yes, Celebration Anaheim was exactly as crowded as we thought it was”

  1. For days afterwards, I had nightmares where I sat in a long line of people waiting for… I really don’t not what for. Not sure if I was sociophobic before or not but Anaheim certainly pushed me over the edge. ;-)
    Well, at last we got pizza from JJ. But as Yoda is my witness: I will never go to a US Celebration again. Well, maybe not exactly never. But I surely hope that Celebration London will be a bit less crowded.

    1. I totally agree. A convention isn’t that fun if you spend 60% of your time in lines, and don’t even get into some of the things you really want to see. :(

  2. I was doing a lot of handwringing about lines before the event and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. I think the timing of when you did certain things was huge. The live stream was great for allowing me to let go of certain things and save them for when I got home. The store line was just stupid but my answer to that is “fine, I’ll keep my money until you get that sorted out.”

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