Yearning for Star Wars eBooks? They’re coming soon

NJOE’s Max Jaybo noticed the other day that a good chunk of the Star Wars backlist has gained a new format: eBook. To see it for yourself, go to Random House’s Smart Archive and search for ‘Star Wars.’ (Sorry, can’t link directly, but you’ll have to scroll a bit – the eBook selections begin, at least at the moment, with Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight.) The titles vary from Zahn and other classic Bantam titles to the NJO and beyond, all with a August 17th release date. The full spread – 96 titles – take up the better part of 3 pages in the database, so it’s a nice chunk. (via)

Del Rey has been offering up new titles as eBooks for the varied formats – The Old Republic: Deceived, for instance, is available in iBooks and for Kindle and the Nook, among others – so it’s likely you’ll be able to purchase the new additions for your device of choice as well.

Lightsaber Rattling has more database patience than me, and he got it to spit out a list – with prices! Looks like most of the eBooks will be going for $7.99.

UPDATE: Erich Shoeneweiss tells Lightsaber Rattling all may not be as it seems. Wait and see, yet again.

Want to check out the database for yourself? Head under the cut for instructions and a screenshot.

1. Go to the Random House Smart Archive.

2. Search (using the box at the top) for “Star Wars”

3. Scroll. Currently the eBooks start at the fourth row from the top.

4. Look for two fields under each book:

(Click to enlarge screenshot)

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