Wizards of the Coast jumps off the Star Wars ship

In what I’m sure is not a shock to any and all active gamers, Wizards of the Coast will not be renewing their Star Wars license.

They picked up the RPG license back in 2001, redoing the game twice, and some say they never quite captured the spirit of the original West End Games line that was an important launching point for the modern EU, and many writers still working with the franchise today.

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of a Star Wars RPG: StarWars.com’s line about “announcements regarding future products” almost guarantees it – so here’s hoping that Lucasfilm can find a company with the enthusiasm they – and the fans – need.

2 Replies to “Wizards of the Coast jumps off the Star Wars ship”

  1. I don’t RPG, but it did seem like Wizards had lost its spark with Star Wars.

    Everything they were putting out seemed so… technical.

  2. The most recent version of d20 Star Wars (Saga Edition) was simple and fun, and it’s certainly going to be missed.

    It is a shame that WotC was never able to contribute to canon to the same extent WEG did, but given the congested nature of the EU nowadays it was never likely.

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