Willow turning 25, coming to Blu-ray next year

USA Today reports that a digitally restored version of Lucasfilm’s fantasy film Willow will be coming to DVD on March 12.

Willow was originally released in 1988. It was produced and written by George Lucas, directed by Ron Howard, and starred Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer, and Joanne Whalley.

The Blu-ray will contain commentary from Howard, Davis’s own personal video diary, and and Dennis Muren’s “From Morf to Morphing: The Dawn of Digital Filmmaking” with a new intro.

Anyone who thinks George Lucas might have issues with redheaded ladies working for evil empires should probably check this one out. Of course, as a child of the late 80’s, I admit I have a HUGE soft spot for this movie and will totally be buying it.

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  1. I haven’t seen this in DVD anyqhere but I’ll buy it and watch it with my son – he’ll love it, I’m sure. Not least since Val Kilmer also did Batman! ;-P

  2. I haven’t watched this in far too many years. The blu ray sounds like something I am going to have to pick up. 25 years! Wow!

    I remember going on a road trip to visit my then girlfriend, who would later become my fiance, and picking up the novel adaptation for this to read on the road. I liked the book very much and while I had some issues with occasional cheesy moments of the film I liked it overall and continue to have a soft spot for it myself.

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