Is Willow cartoon just a fan’s dream? Probably.

A few days ago I threw a link to some Willow cartoon art in an an EUbits. Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo expressed some skepticism, and came back with the above tweet today. My working theory is that the ‘animation’ art was fan art, or – if io9’s theory of the art’s Nelvana origin is true – some speculative art from an Ewoks or Droids animator that never made it any further than that?

“Although to be fair, I didn’t ask EVERYONE,” Pablo told me later. “Just those who would know.”

7 Replies to “Is Willow cartoon just a fan’s dream? Probably.”

  1. It’s a bit much for fan art though, isn’t it? One or two sketches, sure, but two dozen? That’s one pretty ambitious fan.
    Either way, I would love to see this come to life. I was never much of a Willow fan, but man that dragon is cuddly. And not just everyday cuddly, but really, really cuddly. :-) And the rest of it just screams 80s cartoon magic, and I could certainly need a little of that. I for one really miss those hand (and heart) animated shows. Oh Disney, what would my childhood have been without you? :-)

  2. I want Defenders of Dynatron City on Blu-ray. And I’m totally serious. I’ve had a longstanding crush on Buzzsaw Girl.

  3. I hold steadfastly to the idea that there will be a Defenders of Dynatron City resurgence someday.

  4. Maybe Michael Bay will give up on that alien turtle thing he’s working on and make a Defenders of Dynatron City movie instead. Compared to what he’s dealing with now, the Dynatron City fanbase wouldn’t be nearly as vocal. Or extant.

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