Will Her Universe’s Mara Jade shirt debut at CVI?

It looks likely! We first heard that it was in the pipeline back in 2010 (Ashley Eckstein admitted a little later she had spoke too soon.) I’m hoping it pans out for the con, and I even promise I won’t get too mad if there’s a catsuit.

UPDATE! When I tweeted this post, Ashley replied with a key detail: The artist!

Staggs has a 2010 commission of Mara on her Deviantart page.

In the meantime… The shirt Erin is wearing above is Mara Jade Nouveau from Mighty Fine, and it does appear to be an authorized product.

In other Her Universe news, Ashley has a new interview with Nerdist News.

8 Replies to “Will Her Universe’s Mara Jade shirt debut at CVI?”

  1. About time! While i would get annihilated for saying i would love to see the classic AH! image on a tee, at least i will know what to look out for when i say hi at C6!

  2. Oh good, I’m not the only one who doesn’t inexplicably hate the Adam Hughes image.

  3. I don’t hate it per say – it’s clearly not geared towards me. *coughcoughfanboybaitcoughcough* I just wish they could look beyond the cheesecake for inspiration.

    It’s like the whole Slave Leia thing – yeah, the costume is sexy and all, but enough already. There’s more to both characters than T&A.

    And Mark – the Hughes painting hasn’t been around long enough to be classic – it’s from 2010.

  4. I’m curious to see what they come up with. As much as I’d love a Mara tee the art will dictate my purchase, catsuit or no catsuit.

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