Whine season opens early this year

No review copies of the new DVDs? The ‘piracy’ excuse seems kind of silly – there’s little (reported) that hasn’t been seen before, and has probably been illegally avaliable via all the usual suspects for years.

Of course, savvy fans – apparently not the bloggers at EW, at least before the fanboy hoards got to them – already know the transfers of the ‘originals’ are straight from the ’93 laserdisc masters and thus not going to be as good as the 2004 editions.

Popwatch’s second point/theory is something to ponder – are these stopgap DVDs? We do have that 2007 box set rumor.

Or, y’know, they’re just doing this on the cheap. It does seem strange seeing how much LFL loves to court publicity. And it makes me wonder if there’s something else on the discs. (Damn that Kool-Aid!) A preview of the animated TV show? The box set? Jar Jar in carbonite? Only LFL knows for sure… But don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Okay. What is the big deal? We’ve seen these versions before. We know from what “version” they come.

    If there’s a surprise? Why can’t it just be a surprise? These are probably the same people who shake presents under the Christmas tree.

    I suspect, however, that we simply have the theatrical version (that, by the way, everyone has been whining for). We’ll get a big bells and whistles version when we get the inevitable 6-movie box set in 2007. (No. I don’t know that for sure. But I totally think it’s going to happen.)

  2. That’s why I think if (IF) there’s anything unannounced, it’s most likely to be something promotional in nature.

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