Wheaton’s top five

Wil Wheaton on the five books every geek should read. I’m only one for five here*, but to each their own. (via SF Signal)

* I think The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is kind of overrated. Don’t stone me.

4 Replies to “Wheaton’s top five”

  1. Ah… actually it makes more sense in terms of “Top Five Books All Geeks Should Read” rather than “Top Five SF Books Of All Time” (especially since The Hacker Crackdown is decidedly not fiction).

  2. Well, I read “I, Robot”. I sorta read “Neuromancer” (I got bored and quit halfway through, and since it was for a class, I still faked it pretty well on the final). I heard the radio version of Hitchiker’s Guide (and totally agree it’s overrated.) Mom said I should try Ringworld. Never even heard of “The Hacker Crackdown”.

  3. I have a copy of “Neuromancer” somewhere, but I never read it – I have an Asimov, too, but I think it’s the first Foundation novel, not “I, Robot.” “The Hacker Crackdown” sounds like something that would put me to sleep, which is probably why I barely skimmed that entry. ;)

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