What’s up with TFN? Not much…

In the past week, it seems that TheForce.net, Star Wars fandom’s most popular fansite, has been down. And up. And down. A lot. Their message boards are working, though most of the time all the graphics and styles appear stripped away. (I actually find this much easier on the eyes than the usual design chaos, but it seems most don’t agree.) I ventured into the boards seeking answers, but found little but vagueness and confused users. So is it an April Fools joke? Did Philip Wise forget to pay the server bill? Trekkie DOS attack? Sister site Rebelscum (which seems to be running just fine) eating its own? Only time will tell. Until then, I shrug.

2 Replies to “What’s up with TFN? Not much…”

  1. TFN has been struggling editorially for quite some time, too.

    As much as I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the site, I’d hate to see them go down.

    Maybe someone can step in and revitalize it? Maybe a fresh start to avoid the ongoing soap opera?

    Good luck to TFN!

  2. They’re too busy pimping Dustin for Fan Club President thing lately. :P I renewed the other day and hell if I gave them any email address – it’s basically between Dustin and some guy who can’t type. No thanks.

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