What’s up on the Tumblr: Alphabets, Rick McCallum, infographics and more

We had a bit of a Tumblr break last week as I vastly underestimated the time I would have to spend browsing for fresh content during the con, but we’re back now. With stuff! And things!

I’m also proud to report that sometime during Origins we passed the 100 follower mark. Victory! Or something. Here are the highlights:

An adorable Star Wars alphabet that features some Expanded Universe characters. It was created by Brandon and Emma Peat for the nursery of their son Tycho.

In a new interview, Rick McCallum addresses the tone of the Star Wars live-action series: “…like Deadwood in space.”

An infographic on Star Wars revenues, and how they break down through the movies and merchandise. No wonder half the fan sites are devoted to toys and games. (No, this does not mean I’m going to devote more energy to covering toys and games.)

So, apparently, the latest art of Jaina Solo has her looking a lot like Lady Gaga? That’s who came to my mind, anyway.

And the quickies: The greatest dancing Ewok GIF you will ever see; 1978 Mark Hamill interview; The Amazing Space-Opera; Jacen Solo and Ewok cosplay; An Ewok Sith.

Also, if you’re looking for the Twitter roundup, it’ll be back next week, covering last week and this one.

7 Replies to “What’s up on the Tumblr: Alphabets, Rick McCallum, infographics and more”

  1. That Jaina picture…yeah, I can see the similarity.

    It’s not a bad piece. It’s actually a fairly attractive look. But man if it isn’t just as inconsistent as anything else to do with Jaina.

  2. Portrayals of characters in the EU veers wildly. Mara never had a set look, Shannon McRandle or no… Unless you count the jumpsuit.

  3. Lady Gaga? I actually think that Jaina looks more like Daphne Zuniga/

    Princess Vespa: I am Princess Vespa, daughter of Roland, King of the Druids.
    Lone Starr: Oh great. That’s all we needed. A Druish princess.
    Barf: Funny, she doesn’t look Druish.

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