In the news: Wednesday morning reading list

IMAGE: Boba Fett’s first appearance, the Star Wars Holiday SpecialThe New York Post got wind of the “Deadwood meets The Sopranosrumor, and they also report that Lucas met with cable channel executives, including HBO, last year… Though that could easily have been for The Clone Wars.

On that note, Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross ponders Star Wars cartoons.

2 Replies to “In the news: Wednesday morning reading list”

  1. I find myself largely agreeing with Dalton Ross, though not about the Ewoks. I’ll spare you my Ewok defense, but I always liked the fuzzy little guys, myself. As I said, aside from the Ewok thing, he does make a good point. I admit I’m a little worried about TCW, too. I can’t look at it negatively yet. I accept the risks, but right now I’m too excited. I just want it. Then I’ll worry about it if it sucks or not.

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