What would you do for a Thrawn trilogy movie?

NOTICE: As of at least March 2008, the site at createstarwars.org is no longer live. Your guess is as good as mine.

IMAGE: But is it art?

CreateStarWars.org isn’t the first fan-produced attempt we’ve seen at the post-ROTJ EU, but they are quite clear on their goal: to create 3-D movies out of The Thrawn Trilogy. Period.

Sadly, I’m not entirely buying their manifesto, or at least the focus on how awful the prequels were. Look: they’re here, they’re done, lay off the whining already.

Still, I can’t say I entirely disagree with the concept as a whole. Not exactly blown away here (it’s Heir to the Empire,) but it’s a nice goal. Never say never…

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  1. I didn’t realize prequel Yoda was rendered by “graphic designers”…….I thought they were called visual effects artists.

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