What is Star Wars Detours?

George Lucas was on CNN’s Connect the World yesterday. In the video, he mentions, along with The Clone Wars, a TV show called Star Wars Detours. From the transcript:

But there’s a lot of different aspects of it that have been quite amusing and fun to be a part of. Like amusement park rides, and it’s — I really enjoy it. Now, I’m working on television shows, “Clone Wars” and another show called “Star Wars Detours.”

I would lay even money on Detours being the comedy show that Lucasfilm is doing with Seth Green and Matt Senreich, which from what little we’ve heard does sound like it could be something of a detour. But I’m not expecting we’ll get much more anytime soon. OR WILL WE? Hell, it’s probably just a working title. Oh, George!

Lucas also said that after Red Tails he’ll “probably move away” from Star Wars and “do my own personal kinds of movies.” Never heard that one before….

4 Replies to “What is Star Wars Detours?”

  1. Wow. Look at the transcript. That is some really great transcribing on that story.

    I wonder who did that? ::grin::

  2. I agree, Paula. Clearly that transcript was transcribed by a genius. ::innocent whistle::


    Nothing like getting paid to type up a George Lucas interview. :)

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