What could Star Wars: Identities be?

Fusible reports that Lucasfilm is registering domain names around the title Star Wars: Identities. An animated film? The live-action series? Possible, but I suspect some sort of game is the most likely target. (I’ve seen some rumblings lately that LucasArts is looking for folks with experience in flight sims and first-person shooters.)

7 Replies to “What could Star Wars: Identities be?”

  1. Yeah another Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game would be very welcome, but I haven’t heard anything about an FPS. I was on the Lucasarts hiring pages a couple of days ago and didn’t see any mention of it. They were stocking up on programming and production staff for an Open World RPG, though. Can I ask where you read that, Dunc?

  2. If only they could do an FPS that takes the Battlefront series and makes it similar to ‘Battlefield 3’ or ‘Killzone 3’. If it’s a game, that is.

    At this point, I’d prefer it be that or part of the long-awaited live-action TV series. I’ve been waiting on news for that for awhile now.

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