What about Fanboys again?

In addition to being pushed back, there are rumors floating around that there’s a re-edit of film where any mention of ‘cancer’ is being cut out, which completely changes the tone of the movie from a bunch of folks trying to do something nice (albeit illegally) for a dying friend to a bunch of selfish punks who just want to steal a movie for the sake of stealing a movie. Hollywood masterminds at work, or underhanded campaign to get the internet fans all riled up? Only time will tell. (via)

2 Replies to “What about Fanboys again?”

  1. Wow. I hope that isn’t true. I agree that without the cancer plot, they’re just a bunch of punks trying to break into The Ranch.

    They showed footage at San Diego Comic Con in 2006 and 2007. I remember seeing a bit with the illness storyline, and it was really well done. I hope the suits don’t screw this one up. Too bad the creators couldn’t stay indie.

  2. Agreed, thisa is a film that a lot of fans have been very eager to see for a LONG time, and if this apparent edit has been done, they’ve misjudged the fan base severely.
    Sure, the cancer storyline would be a sad one to have to watch play itself out, but that’s life. And Star Wars, for us die-hard fans, certainly understand the ‘real world’ is going on outside, so why do such an edit? What, can’t we handle it or something?
    Really hope this is a case of internet folk getting their wires crossed, becaus believe it or not, I’m never ashamed to shed a tear or two if the material deserves it (well, apart from Matrix revolutions, I cried for an entirely different reason over that).

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