The Jedi Council’s top 100 EU Works

The Jedi Council (aka TFN) Literature Board counts down their hundred favorite bits of the Expanded Universe. Counting not only novels and comics but short stories and video games, the results are rather fascinating. Not that I would take it as anything more than representative of the community that created it… TFNers are strange folk.

You can read the list in context on the boards, but note that the results were posted over several days, and the thread has ballooned, as they tend to do. I’ve the top 20 below the cut.

20. (tie) I, Jedi (Stackpole)
20. (tie) Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (video game)
19. The New Jedi Order: Dark Tide duology (Stackpole)
18. The Dark Nest Trilogy (Denning)
17. Legacy of the Force: Betrayal (Allston)
16. The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines duology (Allston)
15. Shadows of the Empire (Perry)
14. Legacy of the Force: Inferno (Denning)
13. X-wing: Starfighters of Adumar (Allston)
12. The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force (Luceno)
11. Labyrinth of Evil (Luceno)
10. X-wing: Wraith Squadron arc (Allston)
9. Shatterpoint (Stover)
7. (tie) X-wing: Rogue Squadron arc (Stackpole)
7. (tie) Legacy: Broken (Ostrander)
6. The Hand of Thrawn Duology (Zahn)
5. Knights of the Old Republic (video game)
4. The New Jedi Order: Star by Star (Denning)
3. The New Jedi Order: Traitor (Stover)
2. The Thrawn Trilogy (Zahn)
1. Revenge of the Sith novelization (Stover)

I’m not surprised by the prevalence of Stover, Zahn, Allston and Stackpole, but the number of overall NJO books is a shock. And Shadows of the Empire? Both KOTOR games? Really?

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  1. How the HELL did the DN trilogy wind up on that list? Those were the most appalling, ridiculous, and out of character books ever to have the words “Star Wars” slapped on them. (IMHO.) Granted, I haven’t read the Black Fleet Crisis books, but STILL. I’d sooner reread CotJ.

  2. Man, folks have strong reactions to that one. Is it the bug thing? I really don’t get it. After the NJO, DN was pretty refreshing. No, really! It just kind of got… boring. (Much like the BFC, which is the very definition of a boring SW storyline.) But I wouldn’t put it in the category of outright suck.

    Speaking of, The Jedi Academy trilogy is #51. Courtship is #72. YJK is #61. (Far too high, but there’s a tiny faction on TFN that loves them.) Vector Prime is #34. Darksaber and poor Children of the Jedi didn’t even make the list, unless I overlooked them.

  3. This is definately an interesting list. I’m surprised by some of them. I don’t think I’d put any of the NJO books if I was writing the list, and I’m surprised by how many of them are on this list. I’d have put Stackpoole’s X-Wing books at number 3.

  4. Really interesting list. Got to say I loved the Dark Nest Trilogy. I’m no fan of bugs but it cleared up any left over minor problems I had with the end of the NJO series and set up LotF. Plus I thought the story was refreshing in itself.

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