We’ve hit the two year mark for Episode VII

Star Wars logoIt’s December 18th, and you know what that means… Two years from now, Episode VII should be in theaters.

Here’s a helpful reminder of what we actually know so far: J.J. Abrams is directing, the script will be by him and Lawrence Kasdan, and we know several key crew members. (Including composer John Williams.) However, Artoo is the only confirmed cast member, and the only confirmed shooting location is Pinewood Studios in the U.K.

There have been no other casting announcements or posters released, no matter what you see around the internet – at least as of the time of this post! (If it’s not on StarWars.com, it’s a rumor or fan-made.) We probably can’t expect a title for at least a year – I guessed at a mid-2014 title announcement back when we assumed the film was coming out in May 2015, but at this point they could conceivably not tell us until the next Celebration in April 2015.

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  1. >>At this point they could conceivably not tell us until the next Celebration in April 2015.

    Oh brother, that sounds horribly realistic… On a more positive note, though: Celebration Anaheim could also see the premiere of the teaser (including the title).
    Unless some of our beloved rumors were true, and we’ll get a little something at some point in the not too distant future. Given how wrong most of the rumors have been, though, I kind of doubt it. ;)

  2. I’m actually hoping for something along the lines of the old On Location videos. They never revealed anything of substance, but they were a really nice gimmick all through production. Plus they had Ahmed Best interviewing Jedi younglings in what must have been one of the cutest Star Wars videos I have ever seen. Oh, and they introduced us to a certain Mr. Christensen.
    Of course, with Bad Robot doing its thing, it might be a more hush-hush production than ever before, but they have to throw us some bones. I hope. :-)

    1. I don’t even remember those. My earliest non-trailer video memory is something involving AOTC – mostly arena filming – and that was at GenCon, not online. It gave CJ the hilarious “story” quote from Christensen.

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