Wacky merchandise of the day: Personalized what?

I realize that I am in the minority here, but I’ve always thought that getting books signed by their author is rather pointless. So I really don’t understand why anyone would want to bother getting an edition of a Star Wars novel with a personalized dedication page. (At least they’re not offering to do a find-and-replace with [insert character here]?) I suppose it makes sense for gifts, and it’s getting be that season… But still. Oh well: Whatever floats your boat.

4 Replies to “Wacky merchandise of the day: Personalized what?”

  1. I like personalized/autographed stuff- it shows I met the person, sure, but it also turns it in to a keepsake. Especially in the case of people I really care for- like my Al Gore, Salman Rushdie and Peter Mayhew signed stuff.

    Not so much for the Robert Salvatore and Michonne Bourriague signed stuff.

  2. I like it autographed when I meet them as a token of having actually met them. But buying them pre-signed is not that big a deal for me.

    Although this is the first time I’ve seen a picture included.

  3. i’m with paula – i have a lot of signed books because i’ve met the author, usually at a signing here in san diego. but getting a photo and dedication page? how weird.

  4. Still, this would be a fun way to creep out an author at an actual signing: “Could you just copy down exactly what’s written on the dedication page?”

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