Wear Star Wars Every Day: Force Friday Podcast Listener Challenge Update

Wear Star Wars Every Day - Force Friday BONUS wear
Just checking in with the latest news from the #ForceFriday Podcast Listener Update for Wear Star Wars Every Day. Just today, we’ve had 5 donations to Collateral Repair Project so far (5 PM ET / 2PM PT), totaling $170, easily topping our basic goal of $75. That means I’m putting on the Durham Bulls game-worn R2-D2 jersey that Nick Dico of Coffee with Kenobi has graciously lent me! Check it out above.

Looking at the podcasts that have awesome listeners, we’ve gotten three donations today in the name of Beltway Banthas, totaling $95! Coffee with Kenobi listeners have donated $50, and we’ve got a mystery donation that I’m tracking down.

Since Beltway Banthas put out the call for donations last week, a few of their listeners jumped the gun and have donated $80 prior to today! So that’s really $250 raised so far because of this particular challenge. Big thanks to everyone who has donated and turned this Force Friday into a Force for good! Also big thanks to Nick for lending me this sweet jersey, which was worn in the Durham Bulls game on Star Wars Day, May 4th, 2014, and is signed by infielder Hak-Ju Lee.

It’s still not too late to contribute to Collateral Repair Project – just visit the donation page at gofundme.com/WearStarWars2016

EDIT: Minor Update: Brews and Blasters is now on the board with a donation from one of its listeners!