Wear Star Wars Every Day: Force Friday Podcast Listener Challenge is on today!

Happy #ForceFriday (or #RogueFriday) – Not only is it time to hit the retailers to see what cool Rogue One merchandise is out, but it’s also the big day for the Force Friday Podcast Listener Challenge for Wear Star Wars Every Day! As mentioned earlier, this is a big one-day push for donations to Collateral Repair Project, the nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance, education, and community support for urban refugees.

Which Star Wars-related podcast will show that its listeners have the biggest hearts? Listeners can show support for their favorite podcast by making a donation to CRP on the Wear Star Wars Every Day GoFundMe and listing their favorite show in the comments.

Nick at Coffee with Kenobi helped kick off this challenge, and he has set a goal for Coffee with Kenobi listeners: $500 in donations! Now Stephen at Beltway Banthas has answered the challenge, in a special episode just for this fundraising blitz: he thinks the listeners of Beltway Banthas can out-do Coffee with Kenobi – and they’ve already started! And we know that Full of Sith, Skywalking through Neverland, Brews and Blasters, Jedi News UK, Tosche Station Radio, and others are raring for their listeners to represent and make a difference!

Remember, if we raise a simple $75 just today, I’ll show off a really cool item of Star Wars wear: a one-of-a-kind game-worn signed Durham Bulls R2-D2 baseball jersey, lent by Nick at Coffee with Kenobi, who obtained it by donating in a charity auction for the Autism Society of North Carolina in 2014. Now it’s back to help another great cause!

Is your favorite podcast alerting its listeners to chip in for the Force Friday challenge? If so, leave a comment here and give them a shout out!

Get more info on what Wear Star Wars Every Day is all about, and about Collateral Repair Project.

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