Wear Star Wars Every Day: $540 raised for charity in Force Friday challenge

Wear Star Wars Every Day - Force Friday BONUS wear

Here are the final results of last Friday’s Wear Star Wars Every Day podcast listener challenge for #ForceFriday. Last Friday, September 30, fourteen Star Wars fans donated a total of $540 to Collateral Repair Project via the Wear Star Wars Every Day GoFundMe. These donations represented a handful of Star Wars podcast listener bases, in our friendly competition to see which show has the most generous listeners. In addition, an additional $80 in donations were made by three more fans in the week prior to Force Friday in the name of one podcast, just to get the ball rolling! So that’s $620 that can be attributed to the podcast listener challenge.

Thanks to Nick Dico of Coffee with Kenobi for helping get this one-day fundraising blitz off the ground, and providing the really really awesome Durham Bulls R2-D2 jersey that I wore as a bonus if we met the basic $75 donation threshold. It was worn in their Star Wars Day 2014 game on May 4th, and is signed by infielder Hak-Ju Lee.

Now for the podcast listener standings – some donations were made in the name of multiple podcasts, so I counted each of those gifts fully for each podcast named:

  • Beltway Banthas: 4 donations, totaling $120. Plus 3 more donations in the week prior, for an additional $80.
  • Coffee with Kenobi: 3 donations, totaling $170.
  • Skywalking Through Neverland: 4 donations, totaling $150. Listener Brian Sims got into the spirit of giving, and offered up a rare Star Wars #1 variant cover up to a random Skywalking Through Neverland fan who donated, and that got some folks to chip in!
  • Far Far Away Radio: 2 donations, totaling $120.
  • Brews and Blasters: 2 donations, totaling $70.
  • Plus we had two more donations, totaling $50, with no podcast disclosed as yet.

The total amount raised is nearly one-fifth of all the money we’ve raised so far for Collateral Repair Project to further develop their mission of providing emergency assistance, education, and community support to urban refugees, so I greatly appreciate everyone’s contributions and generosity. To learn more about this fundraising campaign for CRP, check out the Wear Star Wars Every Day information page and it’s still not too late to contribute to Collateral Repair Project – just visit the donation page at gofundme.com/WearStarWars2016.

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