Wacky merchandise: Star Wars family car decals

I have never seen the appeal of this, even in fannish form, but if you really want every random tailgater to know the exact size and makeup of your family, you can now say it in Star Wars. There are plenty of options for fans of all stripes, and they are kind of cute, I guess.

7 Replies to “Wacky merchandise: Star Wars family car decals”

  1. What do you use for your family dog? The Ewok?

    And I like the idea of it, but I’m not fond of the design.

  2. I saw better, “unofficial” ones at least a year ago. I like the idea, but the family dynamic in Star Wars could be tough to map out for most normal families. Shall we start the countdown now for the demands for the EU versions?

  3. Don’t even bother to start that countdown, Matt: If I can’t get one that looks like Kyle Katarn, then no sale!

  4. I want a female one, with a red lightsaber, in black. That is the only one I would need.

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