Wacky merchandise: Lightsaber lip balm

Laser pointer? Cigarette lighter? No… It’s lip balm. French (Canadian?) lip balm. (NOT A SURPRISE.) Available in Vader, Anakin, or Yoda. (Yoda?)

I am without words, so I’ll just borrow this from our own Knitress: “Now I know why Steve Sansweet can leave LFL; the Star Ladies’ work is done.”

9 Replies to “Wacky merchandise: Lightsaber lip balm”

  1. Here’s a question: does lip balm count as “candy?”

    I ask because I have the weirdest fan collection ever: Star Wars-themed candy wrappers. And if these count as candy, I must acquire them.

    I’m tempted to say they don’t.

    (But I’m so getting the lip gloss when it comes out).

  2. They sell them at Canadian Wal-Marts, though I have only seen the Yoda and Anakin ones. I have a Anakin one. Its pretty sweet.

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