Vote for EU characters in the latest Hasbro poll

Hasbro and the Star Wars Insider have teamed up for yet another Fan’s Choice poll to pick a character to be added to the action figure line. The EU selections in this round includes several classic EU folks: Gilad Pellaeon, Joruus C’baoth, Guri, and Mara Jade Skywalker. Cast your vote today!

6 Replies to “Vote for EU characters in the latest Hasbro poll”

  1. I feel like I need more information as a non-collector. Which of these have had action figures already made?

    Although, really. Mara. Hello!

  2. Mara already has a figure, obviously, but it’s with that stupid catsuit. I hope this one has Jedi robes. Or just something that’s not a catsuit.

  3. Mara Jade has been made into action figure form at least twice… in the 1998 EU figure line, and then again in a 30th anniv. two-pack with a reprint HttE comic with Luke Skywalker. Both of these figures show Mara in her “Heir to the Empire” comic outfit.

    Guri was planned as a Shadows of the Empire figure, but never made it into production. I don’t think Pellaeon or Joruus C’Baoth were ever produced.

    Of the EU ones represented, having a Mara Jade Skywalker or a Pellaeon would be more encompassing of different EU storylines. Though Jaxxon would be hilarious to make into a figure, and Darth Plagueis would tie into the new novel.

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