Videos: Highlights of J.J. Abrams, The Force Awakens cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Last night’s The Force Awakens episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was short on actual news, but at least our folks were somewhat charming. Below the cut, J.J. Abrams reveals the first word of the movie, Harrison Ford and Chewbacca settle their long-time feud, and Carrie Fisher, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are defeated in Star Wars trivia by a 7-year-old, because of course.

Harrison Ford and Chewbacca:

J.J. Abrams on the state of the film, and signing on:

This first spoken word:

(Spoiler: It’s ‘this.’) The clip they showed was the same one from the American Music Awards.

Here’s the cast:

And the trivia portion:

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