Video: The Phantom Menace review

This takedown of The Phantom Menace is half tongue-in-cheek scary fanboy stereotyping and half in-depth critique of the film. (Ironic, no?) It’s not for everyone (aside from the obvious, there’s some language) but it’s been making the rounds and might be worth a watch if this sort of thing doesn’t make you get all frothed at the mouth.

The first part is above: Click through for part two and beyond.

9 Replies to “Video: The Phantom Menace review”

  1. This guy did a fantastic series of TNG movie reviews that I highly recommend. I really hope he does Matrix 2 and 3 reviews. Oh, and Indy 4.

  2. I was actually dismayed when I saw that he had also done Trek reviews. I never thought I’d spend 70 minutes watching a TPM review but he completely sucked me in — now I’m undoubtedly going to lose another day by watching his whole YouTube output.

  3. I would like to point out that TPM was made in the last millennium (no pun intended). It’s pretty sad that some people are still this worked up about it.

  4. The best thing he does is point out what made the originals so great by highlighting the crippling flaws of the prequels. Now, I enjoy 2/3rds of the prequels, but even I can enjoy this. The guy’s hilarious.

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