Video: The Hobbit starts production

Peter Jackson takes us behind-the-scenes as the long-awaited adaption gets rolling.

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  1. Martin Freeman is such a good choice for Bilbo! He’s less youthful than Elijah Wood and can play more of a comedic roll. I never imagined Arthur Dent would also be Bilbo Baggins!

  2. As much as I love Peter Jackson and his dedication to these video diaries, I’m halfway cursing the man right now. Release is so far away, after all, and with a constant stream of information coming out about the project I really can’t just put it out of mind the same way I could with some other anticipated film.

    It’s like the old days when I was still got Insider, and every time I managed to forget that, “Yes, the Special Editions are coming,” or, “Yes, Episode One is coming,” something would arrive in the post and it would be full of all of these tantalizing bits of information that were specially calculated to drive me out of my young mind with renewed anticipation. I’m going to see it either way, and I love seeing the filmmaking process at work, but for pity’s sake: don’t tease me with it, please!

    Man. Somebody in here’s got First World problems.

  3. The past few months made me skeptical and stop caring about the film due to all the logistical problems, del Toro leaving, so on. This diary with Jackson restored a lot of that faith, though. I definitely look forward to seeing this in IMAX 3D… in 2012, I guess. So far away.

    Until then, though, the diary did one thing well: it made me want to go back and watch LotR again just in time for the Blu-Ray extended releases! Go marketing!

  4. I’m kind of glad Jackson is back as director. It’s going to make these films much more consistent with the established “look” of the franchise. As much as I love Del Torro, he definitely would have taken the series in a very different direction aesthetically, just as he did with Potter 3. The only thing that worries me is the possibility that Jackson will make the Hobbit overly serious, losing the slightly silly, childish atmosphere of the novel.

  5. Sean: Potter 3 was Alfonso Cuaron, not Guillermo Del Toro.

    That said, the point still stands that the series would likely have taken a creative turn. Although, maybe that’s not a bad thing – the Hobbit is written in a very different style to LotR.

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