Video: The Force Trainer in action

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  1. I can see a limited market for this, but I think the price tag is going to keep it out of most homes.

    $130 so I can make the ball go up and down?

    Granted the tech is cool and will appeal to a niche that just loves cool tech….and pretending they have Jedi powers.

    However, I do think we’ll see more toys in the future using the same/similiar technology, and those will eventually make it out into the wider market.

  2. Let’s not forget they have a cartoon ready-made to hock this, and it’s coming out in time for next Christmas… After said cartoon starts airing new episodes in the fall. I wouldn’t entirely discount it.

    Hell, I wouldn’t put it past them to stick the thing in an Ahsoka origin episode or something.

  3. I admit it’s a long shot – I’ve heard that S2 is already in the can, anyway. But clearly that cartoon sells stuff. One way or another, you’re going to see a lot of commercials.

  4. Why are all the cool things marketing above $100 these days?

    I would LOVE to have one, but I’m not paying that much. Probably $50 would be my limit.

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