Video: The Dance Trooper has a posse

Or did he just get served? All I know? It might be on. Kids these days. (via)

4 Replies to “Video: The Dance Trooper has a posse”

  1. That is FANTASTIC. A friend and I have been trying to see if we recognize any of the places they filmed… so far we’ve got Myeong-dong, a couple of subway stations, and what I want so very badly to be Insadong but probably isn’t.

  2. As much as I dislike the Dancing Trooper, he does get credit for wearing real armor not the craptacular Rubies costumes these guys are wearing.

    However, they have better moves.

  3. Paul beat me to it. All I could think about was the sh!tty armor. The word “craptacular” actually went though my brain.

    Choreography is excellent, however.

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