Video: The Clone Wars S3 secrets and spoilers

The copyright has spoken: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Lucasfilm Ltd. ”

Dave Filoni is seriously channeling Ric Olie for this, but if you’re hard up for a peek at S3…

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  1. I picked up on that too. It felt like he was Ric Olie, but like Pabawan says, he was talking to a third grade class.

    That said, I liked reading those season 3 fun facts. They all sound interesting.

  2. Pssh. I think he was talking down to even the third-graders.

    Anyway, the vid is gone, so here are the ‘spoilers’ I recall: Deathly obvious names for a couple of redshirts and Anakin teaches Ahsoka how to use a shoto (short lightsaber blade)

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