Video: Teaser trailer for The Avengers

A lot of people excited about this one.

5 Replies to “Video: Teaser trailer for The Avengers

  1. I’ll admit. It looks pretty cool. I never saw the Cap or Thor movies though.
    I think what has people buzzing most about this is the fact that this is the trailer/film that fans have been hoping for since 2008 when we were first teased of it in Iron Man. The fact that it actually came together, and with (almost) all of the original actors, is a pretty big deal.

  2. captain america was a lot of fun and a good movie. perhaps not quite as good as Iron Man, but really, Iron Man was the superhero movie at the top of its game.

  3. I’m so excited about this, it could be a massive fail, but somehow I doubt it. For one I don’t think Mace Windu would allow it.

  4. I liked both Captain America and Thor this past summer, so it’ll be nice to see those characters again. I’m slightly worried about them recycling Loki as a villain already, though.

    Strange musical choice aside, it’s a pretty solid teaser trailer. I’ve got enough faith in Whedon and the actors to check this out blind, but it’s always nice to have the previews look good.

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