Video: Star Wars from bits and pieces

Amanda has never seen the Star Wars movies, but she describes them to her friend Joe anyway. I can’t stop laughing. (via)

Annnd interview. Bonnie blog like ninja!

10 Replies to “Video: Star Wars from bits and pieces”

  1. Nice use of F=MA.

    Good reality check, though. This is what Star Wars is to MOST people.

  2. Seriously, I have this kind of discussion with most of my friends who could care less about Star Wars and vaguely remember the Ewoks.

  3. Clearly I live in an overly geek-saturated corner of existence, but I do have a co-worker who regularly asks me about what’s going on with the crazy Star Trek folks.

  4. Oh great – now any time someone comments to me that they’ve never really seen all the movies, they are going to wonder why I suddenly double over in laughter. *snort*

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