Video of the drunken Darth Vader attack

The BBC has video of the drunken Darth Vader attack, and…Really? That’s it? To quote Gizmodo: “I can’t believe someone got charged with assault for this.”

2 Replies to “Video of the drunken Darth Vader attack”

  1. I got a good laugh reading the article, so I had to look for the video. My response was the same. “That’s it?” Who got hurt? I mean really.

  2. “Hughes admitted two charges of common assault. ”

    Well, let’s put it this way. Two guys are practicing karate in their backyard. Someone jumps over the hedge and whacks them both with a wooden stick (hard enough to bruise), yelling “Jet Li!”

    Or two guys are playing touch football, and a drunk jumps over the fence and rams them with their elbow. It’s really not acceptable.

    Particularly considering that this guy seems to have major drinking problems, it sounds like the more he’s off the street the better.

    Though I do wonder if England has varying levels of assault charges as this was ‘common assault’.

    I don’t however think the attack was “planned” at least not with any deliberation. The Jedism may want to crack open a history book and read up on persecution to get some perspective.

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