Video: Nostalgia Critic takes on Howard the Duck

I think he needs more whiskey. Let’s take up a collection. (Via the nutcases of #eu.)

3 Replies to “Video: Nostalgia Critic takes on Howard the Duck

  1. o.O

    . . . I’ve never seen the movie, thank heaven, but even this much exposure makes me want to crawl into a whiskey bottle. D:

  2. If I’d gotten the opportunity to ask George a question at Celebration III, it would have been: “When are you going to make the rest of the Howard the Duck trilogy?”

  3. I love HtD the comic book. So did George, apparently(the comic actually did a parody of Star Wars once) and he made a fanfic… One that he used his clout to make into a movie and screw with the continuity…
    RIP Steve Gerber.

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