Video: Nostalgia Chick looks for The Last Unicorn

This isn’t the best Nostalgia Chick, but it’s The Last Unicorn! It was my favorite movie as a kid – I watched it so much that my mother hates it to this day – so I couldn’t not post it. And hey, Christopher Lee!

I can’t believe that it was made by the same guys who did that horrible animated Lord of the Rings. That cartoon is why it took Peter Jackson four-plus hours and a cliffhanger to get me to actually read the trilogy.

Meanwhile, the Nostalgia Critic has a tribute to two other staples of my childhood, Siskel and Ebert. (Is that weird? That the syndicated tv show of two movie critics is a staple of my childhood? TOO BAD.)

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  1. May I say that I enjoyed the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings a lot more than I ever did the live-action ones? The US-version seriously sucks (eat that, 3PO), I’m first to admit that, but the German dubbing is great. Powerful atmosphere, and the cartoon Aragorn is way better than the hobo from the live-action film. ;-)

  2. Today all I can think when I look at it is “Gondor has no pants. Gondor needs no pants!”

    Between animated LOTR, Legend and Arnold’s Conan, I gotta ask: What was it with that era and the epic fantasy short pants? (I think Krull had some, too?)

  3. Okay, admittedly the overall fashion tendendy was a bit weird. On the other hand the elves in the cartoon were 2000 times more magical, i.e. real creatures of light, than those poor wannabes in the live-action version. Plus no elves ever marched into Helm’s Deep. That alone should blow Peter Jackson out of the water (the water here being that of the Anduin which Frodo had to cross again after Jackson kidnapped him and had him brought to Osgiliath ;-)).

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