Video Monday

This week, the video sheep of the internet are all drooling over Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager. Thankfully, this one is actually funny. Hooray!

The follow-up to last week’s A Beginners Guide To Faking Your Death On The Internet, Luke Lewis’ A Beginner’s Guide To The British. The part about Oasis vs. Blur literally had me on the floor.

And lo, I am dead: A 1999 clip from The Daily Show that asks is Jar-Jar Gay?

And finally, for those with strong constitution, Donnie and Marie do Star Wars: Part I, Part II. Horror beyond imagination!

Obi-Wan is Going Commando.
Star Wars on a Banjo.
Rise of the Troopers trailer.
You Might Be a Cylon!
Rockabilly Rancor
Classic Clip: Lapti Nek Music Video