Video Monday

Don’t miss this – R2-S2, the steam-powered Artoo! Impressive. (Thanks, Bonnie!)

Rifftrax has video samples on Youtube – TPM, AOTC, The Matrix, Daredevil, The Fifth Element, X-Men, LOTR (if you only watch one, watch LOTR) and more. They’re also up on the Rifftrax site.

Someone has put a lot of SDCC masquerade sketches from 2005 and 2006 up on Youtube – including The Modal Nodes, Runaway Bounty, General Grievous and some very familiar pirates

I had no idea Epcot could do that!

2 Replies to “Video Monday”

  1. “She has the cold, terrified eyes of someone who just realized she’s in Canada” is classic.

  2. Who ARE those masked pirates?!

    And the dancing stormtroopers? I’ve seen them do scarier….

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