Video Monday

TIE-tanic. “The ability to control a medium for 20 years is insignificant next to the power of a good chick-flick.” Pure. Freaking. Genius. With Ewoks! On fire!

‘Guy Love,’ a song from the upcoming musical episode of Scrubs. I dare you not to laugh at this. And, um, it’s not off-topic: Donald Faison appears wearing a Star Wars t-shirt. Watch for it!

Michael Winslow recreates the sound effects of an entire scene from A New Hope in his stand-up routine.

Producer Michael Wiese talks about Hardware Wars at the Cannes Film Festival.

ABC’s Harry Potter special is up on Youtube. Watch thirteen (!) clips at ohnotheydidnt.

More, more, more!

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  1. LMAO at the Scrubs video! I love that show. It’s the slashiest non-slashy show ever.

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