Video Monday

Under the Tusken Sun. You knew someone would eventually make this fan film…

I’m not a huge Family Guy fan, but they have done some amusing Star Wars riffs, some collected here by Stewie’s Playground.

Judge the Cinemax ‘Fix You’ promo for youself.

The Ballad of Han, Luke & Leia. It’s a filk! It’s a video! It’s both!

And to wrap us up, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV – the tail end of I Love The 80’s: 1983 containing their Return of the Jedi riff and Micheal Ian Black’s He-Men monologue, which me VH1’s bitch for longer than I feel comfortable admitting. Contains actual praise for Mark Hamill’s acting! Bonus: 1980, Olympic hockey, That’s Incredible! and ESB.

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  1. Okay. Everyone knows I’m a sap, but I teared up on the Cinemax “Fix You” promo. A bit literal at times, but very touching.

    I guess it helps that I rather like Coldplay’s music.

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