Video: Let Star Wars Rock teach us about interjections

OneMinuteGalactica does it again with a School House Rock mashup.

10 Replies to “Video: Let Star Wars Rock teach us about interjections”

  1. That was fabulous, loved it. :)

    Though now I’m going to have the Hallelujah Chorus running around my brain for a while. Worth it.

  2. Thanks for linking me again.

    You link me! You really link me!

    (Is that joke too old now? Too bad. I made it.)

  3. Brilliant video, OneMinute Galactica!

    It’s probably a little insulting to you, but someone took out the evil F word at the end so folks could show their kids:

  4. OneMinuteGalactica: Well, you ARE the only Youtuber who has a tag on here… ;)

    Okay, so it’s you and the dancing stormtrooper guy, but hey.

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