Video: Jon Favreau interviews Harrison Ford

This is one of several parts of an excellent interview that Ford did with Favreau for Cowboys and Aliens. Above, he talks about the Star Wars casting process.

He talks about Irvin Kershner and ‘I know’ in this one:


5 Replies to “Video: Jon Favreau interviews Harrison Ford”

  1. These are nice, just putting them out in little snippets like that. I’m not entirely sold on the concept of this movie, but it’s a real pleasure to watch the trailers and these interviews and see Harrison seem animated and excited about a project again. It’s something that I always felt was sadly missing from the last Indiana Jones, and something that would have helped to sell that film a little better with audiences. I’ve got some hopes here.

  2. Not to Jon Favreau, apparently. Maybe taking most of a decade off helped him come to terms some with the places that his fame really started from.

  3. Maybe, or maybe he’s just grinning and bearing it. Watching this though, I keep thinking: Lucas has GOT to make more Star Wars films before Harrison is too old. I’d love to see the gang from the OT back together adventuring in the Falcon. At least maybe in a short or something? new Xmas special? :)

  4. See, I always thought that George would have a harder time getting Mark and Carrie back to do anything. Hell, I think at this point you’d have a much much more difficult time convincing George to revisit those particular characters than anyone else.

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