Video: Hey kids! Remember laserdiscs?

These two THX mini-docs – one on soundtracks (above) and another on the system itself, have emerged from the laserdisc era to appear on Youtube. Historical! (via)

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  1. It’s a wonder to me that anyone gets any movie made when just the soundtracks are that complicated. (Thankfully, they have software to help, now, instead of hanging little bits of film. But still.)

  2. Something I’ve always found hilarious and ridiculous are the ads for the next media format on the previous format. ie. advertising blue ray on a DVD.
    They try to ‘show’ you how much better blue ray is than DVD, but how could they possibly when they are showing it on a DVD. What they are really doing is showing a poor quality image then demonstrating that DVD is perfectly fine.
    It was the same when DVDs came out and they were advertising on VHS how fantastic DVD was.

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