Video: George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie has posted two archival videos to their Youtube account. The first, above, is George Lucas discussing the crafting of the story. The second, below the cut, features Ralph McQuarrie on his concept work.

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  1. As a conspiracy nut – and as somebody who wants to believe that with big movie companies “nothing happens by accident” (TM by Qui-Gon) – I wonder if they are trying to tell us something with these particular snippets. Might this be the beginning of the “the story was always meant to be told in (put in random number) films” spin? ;-)

    Because the only reasonable alternative to that would be that Random McHeywhynot simply hacked into their Youtube account to post whatever he found in his Star Wars video folder. And that would be both a little sad and a little alarming. :-D

  2. I actually believe these are videos that are a part of the upcoming ebook releases (rereleases?) of Rinzler’s Making of books.

    No conspiracy theories required. ;)

  3. Also, the big concept art book is coming out soon, which would be a likely reason for the McQuarrie video.

  4. Also starring: Sebastian Shaw’s eyebrows. :)

    I love the RMQ video and how he said he got right into it, sketching. Seeing some of those first sketches in the gallery at C5 was amazing.

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