Video: Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars

Not sure how long this is going to last, but it looks like you can now watch the entire run of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars on Youtube. It’s unofficial, but with the DVDs out of print this may be your best chance to catch up.

The series of shorts, produced by Cartoon Network Studios, originally aired in three chunks between the releases of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith from 2003-2005. They have received little attention from Lucasfilm since the more traditional The Clone Wars started in 2008.

Let’s hope they make the cut for the Digital Library

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  1. I loathed this show when it started, but it has really grown on me since then. And every once in a while, I catch myself watching Anakin’s long march through the densely populated streets of Coruscant. That’s just a magnificent bit of animation right there, capturing all the wonder of a thousand worlds.
    I hope they’ll release a complete box set of The Clone Wars some day that actually includes Tartakovsky’s first version. Or they could get Mr. Tartakovsky to direct a couple of Rebels episodes and stage a conversation with him and Dave Filoni (and maybe a certain Mr. Lucas).

  2. I don’t know that we’ll see something like a box set that includes both – name aside, they’re really very different. But I do hope a Blu-Ray – or at the very least a digital release – of the complete Clone Wars happens eventually.

  3. I like them both. I was really glad they carried over Ventress from Clone Wars to The Clone Wars.

    I really need someone to map out the timeline of the two shows for me, though, because it seems like all of TCW takes place during the second season of CW.

  4. Timeline wise they were never meant to be compatible, so anyone who tries to make it fit will surely have to bend and weld stuff together. The earlier series was considered EU as far as the later series was concerned.

  5. I honestly don’t see anything in this show to get excited about. Some of the ideas are good, but it’s hindered by ugly animation and eye-rollingly ridiculous, over the top action.
    Give me Filoni’s Clone Wars any time of the day and night — Mortis arc especially.

  6. I adore this series! Everything about it worked for me, the style, the storytelling. I rewatch my DVDs about once a year. (I do wish the DVDs had kept the title cards between the vignettes; I feel they lose something run back to back to back.)

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