Video: Fourth, err, second TV spot for The Force Awakens


With, yes, a few more new seconds of the film.

UPDATE: The official high res version has now been uploaded to the official Youtube.

One Reply to “Video: Fourth, err, second TV spot for The Force Awakens”

  1. That is a fantastic way to start my Monday morning :D

    Okay, I realise that I’m basing this idea on less than a second of video here, but: the way Kylo Ren twirls his lightsaber seemed a tad reminiscent of the prequels, so expanding upon that, I was wondering if that’s a difference that we’re going to see in the movie: Ren and his fellow dark siders fighting in a style based (but perhaps not full on) on the PT era swordfighting, and the … Jedi, or whomever represents the light side in the movie, having a more straightforward style, based on that seen in the original trilogy.

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