Video: First teaser for The Empire Strikes Back

Last Wednesday @StarWars posted the first-ever trailer for Star Wars; today they posted the first teaser for The Empire Strikes Back, mostly composed of Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art.

Is it a sign? Maybe, maybe not. Furious Fanboys points out there’s only one Wednesday (for Revenge/Return of the Jedi?) between us and October 30th, aka the one-year mark of the original Disney sale/sequel trilogy announcement.

Whatever the case ends up being: Don’t get cocky, kid. It’d be nice, but how many times have we been burned by our own assumptions? I’ve lost count.

And Lucasfilm’s Matt Martin says:


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  1. My hopelessly romantic self wants to believe that there’s indeed a Mark Hamill teaser for Ep7 that we’ll get to see in two weeks. My rational self finds that doubtful and has therefore decided to instead hope for a “J. J. & Kathy tell us how great everything is” video greeting card, and my realistic self expects absolutely nothing.
    Star Wars. Driving people insane since 1977.

  2. Sure Matt Martin, but that’s the point. This isn’t “cool content,” it’s ancient content common and available to all for years now cryptically re-posted in piecemeal fashion without comment or explanation. This is either viral marketing or trolling. I don’t buy that it’s “cool content” because it isn’t cool.

  3. I’m serious though! Could this be a tease that they’re remaking the original films? That would explain the original cast not saying much. Abrams already rebooted Star Trek, maybe SW is next? That would suck

  4. And maybe none of this is real, and the whole past year is a dream that a guy on Lost was having?

    Man, am I just getting old, or has this process always been so exhausting?

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