Video: First teaser for Star Wars Rebels

Here’s the Rebels teaser that aired tonight on Disney XD. Begin your scouring for ‘clues’… Now. And don’t forget that Pablo will be having a presentation on the show at NYCC on the 12th

UPDATE: Screenshots at Lightsaber Rattling.

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  1. Would it be wrong to interpret this looks less photorealistic than the clone wars and more cartoony? I always imagined there would need to be some cost savings on Rebels…

    1. …Clone Wars wasn’t cartoony? A lot of the background stuff was gorgeous, but the people… Ugh.

      We know the Rebels style is based on McQuarrie, which I would by no means call cartoony. Of course, we haven’t seen any people yet, but hopefully they don’t look like those fugly 70’s puppets again. McQuarrie’s people generally aren’t that detailed so they could go any number of ways with that.

  2. I’d say that the add here looks to be more ‘cartoony’ than The Clone Wars, but let’s remember two things:

    1. This is just a promo for the show and (probably) isn’t representative of the show’s final look.

    2. Even if it is representative of the art direction that they’re going for in the show, there’s still a year to go before the show’s visual final-product will be complete.

  3. The look of the show is clearly more realistic than The Clone Wars.

    We shouldn’t have arguments about which cartoon is more cartoony than the past cartoon. That’s the dog chasing its own tail.

    The look of the technology is clearly more “filmic” than The Clone Wars was. There’s no brush strokes denoting an arts and crafts feel to the textures. They are replicating a shot from A New Hope and you can see how closely that they capture that feeling with this technological look.

    We have only heard the people are more realistic in this show too. The past digital puppets in the Thunderbirds style put acting limitations on the possibilities of the performances Filoni desired.

    Now I’m dying to see what the characters and cast look like.

  4. I call this one the “Captain Obvious” of teasers, as they’ve shown us nothing new – only stuff we’ve seen and know already.

    We’ve seen production art of the Star Destroyer, the TIE Fighter and we’ve already seen the SWR logo. We know it’s coming in 2014 – they’ve given us nothing to get excited about at all.

  5. I would say that the biggest difference between The Clone Wars and this teaser is the voice over: The Clone Wars always went for “EPIC”, whereas this is rather… Disney-y?
    Apart from that, I like it. It’s the classic scene, it’s got a jump to lightspeed (which is always nice), it’s got the imperial march… Nice teaser. :-)

    BTW: This is Tatooine, right? Or could one of those moons in the back not be a moon after all?

  6. It feels to me like some Clone Wars fans are actively looking for reasons to dislike the show, just because it isn’t more Clone Wars… Which is in some ways unavoidable, but overall just ridiculously counterproductive.

    Rebels is a brand new show. We still know next to nothing about it. Just give it a chance.

  7. Listen to Dunc. It’s a 15-second announcement (most viewers have no idea the show is in the pipeline), not even a trailer. Reading into the voiceover or the background or the font is almost certainly premature.

  8. “Reading into the voiceover or the background or the font is almost certainly premature.”

    Definitely. I can’t imagine the Jedi doing much rising in Rebels …

  9. I don’t think the planet is Tatooine… I think it’s most likely going to be the planet that the Empire invade in the pilot, where our new heroes are from.

    1. Yeah I’m not sure where she’s getting that, except the general time period.

      (I wouldn’t hold my breath.)

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