Video: First look at Star Trek Into Darkness

Paramount released a new featurette video: a first look video at the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, with director J.J. Abrams describing the film as ‘upping the ante’ and ‘everything I’ve ever done, wrapped into one movie’ while Chris Pine calls it ‘relentless’. And a handful of clips, mostly from the previously-released trailers, though there are a few new shots. At least, I don’t recall someone dropping some antacids into water in earlier teasers. And some BWAAAAAAAANH! BWAAAAAAANNHH!

2 Replies to “Video: First look at Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. I only now realized that Episode VII might be shot in 3D. Oh please, dear gods of cinema, kill that stupid hype before they start shooting! I don’t have word for how much I hate 3D. :-o

    In other news: There seem to be not nearly as many lens flares in this one as there were in the first movie. If J.J. continues like that, it might actually be possible to watch Episode VII without sun specs. Good for you, J.J., and please: Carry on! :-)

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