Video: Ewan says nude scenes are “a feminist thing”

Ewan McGregor (with beard!) was on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson to promote The Men Who Stare At Goats, where he talked about his proclivity for being naked on film. (via)

Meanwhile, io9 says that The Men Who Stare At Goats “echoes the original Star Wars trilogy.” Though shouldn’t Charlie Jane Anders (or her copy editor) know better by now than to use the term ‘Jedis?’

Question: What are the most common grammatical/factual errors you see in media coverage and discussion of Star Wars? Answer here or on Twitter.

2 Replies to “Video: Ewan says nude scenes are “a feminist thing””

  1. The one thing that drove me nuts about the film is that they Americanized the main character. For anyone who has heard the writer of the book (Jon Ronson), he’s from Wales. Having heard him on This American Life many times and Ewan McGregor being Scottish, I thought that they would have with is a semi-generic UK accent.

  2. I love seeing the Obi-Wan beard back. And he was pretty funny, as usual.

    As for grammatical errors? Other than Jedis, I see a lot of Hans Solo’s and Wookies.

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